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May 24th 2007.  That was the day Kelly and I got married.  We’d been together 5 years and decided to take that next step.  Wow, did it fly by…but it was perfect.  Leez Priory, in the heart of the Essex countryside and the 1st venue licensed for civil ceremonies in the UK.  We’ve planned and done a lot in our years together but nothing compares to putting that one beautiful day together.

I remember the intense focus and determination that goes into choosing the flowers, the dress, the rings, the shoes, the cuff-links, the ties, the favours, the table dressings, the cake, the bridemaids and boys’ outfits, the starters, the main course, the dessert, the readings, the vows, the 1st dance, the gifts…I remember all of it so clearly.  I also remember that Kelly ultimately left very little on my shoulders.  I remember how hard she worked to get everything just as she had always pictured.  I remember that I just about got the cuff links right.  The most important day in my life?  No kidding.  Because without that day, we wouldn’t have now been blessed with our beautiful children Benjamin and Molly.  Kelly, Ben and Molly give me drive and passion to get up and excel every day.

When I turn up to shoot your wedding, I know exactly what you have been through to get here.  I know you’ll be nervous as hell but buzzing with butterflies and excitement.  I know every step of the day inside out and I know exactly how you’ll be feeling at any given moment.  Because of this, I know how to do my job in a way that will relax you and put you at ease.  I will blend in seamlessly like a guest or member of the family.  There will be times when you barely notice I’m there.  But of course I will be…capturing every single proud moment of your day.

Why weddings?  Every day, week, month and year, I take a lot of pictures.  A lot.  99% of these will be of people.  You won’t really find landscape or sports or anything else for that matter in my personal work.  People, emotions and capturing that moment in time are what do it for me.  I have amazing memories of my grandparents but barely any pictures to put on the wall.  I really wish I did.  I believe in life, family and friends are everything.  This is why I take a camera everywhere I go.  For my clients, my friends and my family, I want to give you that chance to keep those memories and look at them whenever you choose.  That’s why I shoot weddings.  In 50 years time, you’ll be able to look at your pictures and recall your day like it was yesterday.

I will spend your entire wedding day with you.  Every facet of your day will be captured in stunning detail from bridal preparation until the party ends.

I love photographing weddings and constantly strive to improve my work with a dedicated personal study philosophy.  I’d love to be the person to capture your wedding day memories for you.


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